SXSW 2020: what we know so far about the event’s cancellation and its development

SXSW 2020

The organizers of South By Southwest (SXSW), the largest creative economy event in the world, announced last Friday (March 6th) the cancellation of this year’s edition because of the coronavirus spread. Several countries have been affected so far, and the United States alone accounts for 900 confirmed cases and 29 deaths until now.

That also means that Brasil Music Club, a night dedicated to Brazilian music in such festival, will not happen. The showcase is supported by Brasil Music Exchange — a Brazilian music fostering project carried out by means of a partnership between Brasil, Música & Artes (BM&A) and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil).

In an official note published on the website of the festival, organizers informed that the cancellation order came from the city government of Austin, in Texas, where the event would take place again. Authorities recommend that people avoid agglomerations at this stage of the epidemics, and, as a direct result of such recommendation, other events, like Coachella, were also cancelled this semester.

“Although we understand that it is a tough decision for the city government of Austin and SXSW organizers to make, we feel disappointed about the event cancellation”, says Leandro Ribeiro, BM&A Project Manager. According to him, the activities planned for this year would be even more powerful than those from 2019, generating the expectation of better results. “Many people were involved in this process, from Brazilian artists and professionals to local service providers, all of them willing to give it all they’ve got to offer the audience an amazing night. The cancellation also means a discontinuation of a strategy that has been successful in expanding the range of Brazilian music in the United States”, he adds.

It is worth mentioning that the Brazilian music night in such festival would have a lineup composed of Céu, Tássia Reis, Glue Trip, FingerFingerrr, Höröyá, João Brasil and AlterMauz. Check our official playlist including songs by such solo artists and bands below.


According to the official note from the organizers of South By Southwest, refunds will not be issued for credentials. However, those who have bought tickets for this year’s event may use them in any of the next three editions of SXSW, which takes places annually in Austin. Additional information is expected to be disclosed soon.


Brasil Music Exchange (BME) is a Brazilian music fostering project carried out since 2002 by means of a partnership between Brasil, Música & Artes (BM&A) and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil). For such purpose, BME organizes several activities to promote the business and the image of Brazil abroad.