Brazilian band Rakta is on international tour


Currently touring Europe, Brazilian band Rakta takes to the stages in Germany, Poland, Belgium, France and Netherlands its unique style, which is defined by some people as experimental rock, but described by the band members as “a fusion of many rhythms”.

The most recent performance of the band was this month, at the CTM Festival, an event that has been taking place in Berlin since 1999 and that includes artists from the contemporary electronic, digital and experimental scene. In their social media accounts, Rakta thanked the lovely audience for the crowded gig and for offering them an amazing experience. Now the band is going to Poland, where it has two gigs scheduled for the beginning of February in Warsaw and Gdansk. By February 8, Rakta will have performed in Belgium, France and the Netherlands too.

The trio was created in 2011 and is composed of Maurício Takara (percussion and drums), Carla Boregas (bass and electronics) and Paula Rebellato (synthesizer and vocals). The band has three albums in its discography: “Rakta” (2013), “III” (2016) and “Falha Comum”, recorded as an LP by Nada Nada Discos and released last year.

In 2019, the group from São Paulo played in one of the most important independent music festivals in Canada: the Pop Montreal. The band assured its presence in such event after a showcase presented during the last edition of the Brasil Music Summit (BMS). Daniel Seligman, organizer of the Pop Montreal Festival, was there and liked Rakta’s music. 

The purpose of BMS is to generate content and create business opportunities for professionals from the music industry in the fields of music branding, sync and live music. It organizes talks, workshops and business rounds and promotes Brazilian artists’ gigs aiming at strengthening the position of Brazil in the global music market.

About BME

The Brasil Music Exchange helps to export companies from the most diverse types of music businesses. For this, it develops activities of promotion, image and market intelligence, among others.

 Listen to their album “Falha Comum”: