BM&A participates in Culture for the Future in Brussels

Professionals from all over the world who are reference in the creative industry were invited to participate in the Culture for the Future international colloquium of European Commission to discuss and define innovative and participative ways to build a better future, and Brasil Música & Artes (BM&A) was part of such team.

The event took place in June 16-17 in Brussels, Belgium, and its objective was to give professionals from cultural and creative sectors the chance to discuss the potential support of the European Union for the development of culture worldwide. The intention of BM&A is to contribute for a better world by generating knowledge and opportunities in the music industry, thus promoting the socioeconomic development of Brazil. This new perspective was presented to the other countries participating in the event.

Four themes form the basis of Culture for the Future: culture and cultural industries: new opportunities to job creation and inclusiveness; the challenges of financing; access to markets and mobility of artists; and digital revolution – impact and opportunities. Leandro Ribeiro, Project Manager of BM&A, was one of the professionals participating in the event and believes that BM&A has much to contribute to the themes being discussed: “Our know-how and experience with members from several niches of the music industry will certainly help other participants to have insights of creative economy, financing methods, entrepreneur qualification programs, and project management, among other things, and it will show the ongoing increase of our music industry, which deserves international projection and support”, he said.

Culture for the Future also generated discussions about urban and juvenile perspectives for the promotion of social cohesion and decrease of social inequality, as well as addressing gender and sustainability, identity construction and sharing and intercultural dialogue for conflict prevention and reconciliation.

Conceived for professionals from all over the world to work together for the creation of a manifesto, the event included a series of speeches about the themes above and participants were divided into groups. “The subject is much deeper than simply discussing the benefits in terms of business, job generation, interchange and personal development. We believe we can change the world through culture and art”, stated Pierluigi Sacco, professor at the IULM University of Milan.

In the end of the event, a document entitled “Manifesto: Culture for the future” was produced and it will be made available soon at the website of the event organizer. To Leandro Ribeiro, that was a unique experience: “I was very glad and honored that I had been invited to participate in the event. This is the type of work that makes you grow, encourages you to do things in your daily routine, and also assembles many people who want to build a better future through culture. The Manifesto created during the event is the collective effort of all participants and is a significant contribution to society, since it can be used by any country, in all levels of government, public organizations, private entities and the third sector.”