Brasil Music Summit closes 2019 edition with USD 1 million in business expectation

Between February 6 and 9, Unibes Cultural hosted the second edition of Brasil Music Summit (BMS), which was attended by over 500 accredited participants and another 1400 people from the end audience, who attended the shows. The project is carried out by Brasil, Música & Artes (BM&A) in partnership with the Ministry of Culture and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil) through the Brasil Music Exchange (BME) program.

The conference gathered contents related to sync, music branding and live music with a great focus on exporting Brazilian music, training of professionals to undertake new types of music business and closing of international business. The contacts made and the business rounds generated expectations of USD 1 million for the next 12 months.

“One of our essential goals is providing Brazilian companies with a unique opportunity to get in touch with professionals from the main target markets of our music, without having to leave Brazil. For this, we carry out an extensive work of prospecting international names. We managed to attract different guest profiles”, explains BM&A project manager and event director Leandro Ribeiro.

And completes: “All these actions are pioneering and aim to mature the Brazilian music market, generating more income, jobs and business. “When comparing Brazil with other nations we realize that we have a lot of growth capacity compared to the size of the country and its economic greatness. Holland, for example, is the 17th world economy and generates USD 1 billion with the music market, Italy is the 8th largest economy in the world and produces USD 1.1 billion in this market, and Canada, the 10th largest economy in the world, generates USD 1.5 billion, while Brazil, which is the 9th economy, only makes USD 480 million. With this we see that we have a growth potential of at least USD 800 million per year”.

Intense programming

Leandro shared the programming activities with live music director André Bourgeois, CEO at Urban Jungle, and sync director Mario Di Poi, CEO at Inputsom Arte Sonora, who were essential in the search for the best profiles. The opening of the program had the Executive Director at Unibes Cultural, Bruno Assami, the director at BM&A Juca Novaes, and the director at Ancine-SP Carlos Ramos.

The programming was divided into four pillars: lectures and panels focused on the presentation of successful cases and relevant debates to the industry; workshops on practical subjects of the professionals’ daily life; business and networking activities, such as business rounds and meetings, and showcases for the presentation of 23 Brazilian bands and artists, including names like Céu and Karol Conka.

The 28 international guests present in Brazil included festival programmers, bookers, music supervisors and representatives from advertising agencies and media vehicles. Among the synchronization and music branding professionals is Jen Malone, Emmy nominee for the Atlanta series and responsible for the track of the recently released Creed 2. The professional was very pleased to be able to contact new names of Brazilian music. “I really enjoyed meeting artists such as Tássia Reis and Xenia França”, she commented.

The synchronization area also included Brazilians who successfully work here and abroad. It is the case of the children’s animation Show da Luna, represented by André Abujamra (Mondo), Márcio Nigro (Mondo), and Kiko Mistrorigo (TV PinGuim), and the singer and songwriter of tracks for TV and film Beto Villares. Two major segments, e-sports and games, deserved highlight, with the presence of Brazilians Samuel Ferrari (Mdois), Felipe Junqueira (Mdois), Thiago Adamo (Game Audio Academy) and English Duncan Smith (Sony Playstation). Pete Kelly, head of music for the British network BT Sport was also present: “an excellent event, one of the best I’ve been to, with a lot of interesting content. A very positive point was the possibility of meeting new artists in the showcases”, he said.

In music branding, the highlight goes to cases of advertising agencies or media vehicles that work editorial content for the brands: Droga5 and Vice Media, both North American, and the French HAVAS | HRCLS. Among the Brazilian cases, were Morana and Oi brands.

One of the special activities developed in this area was a mentoring in partnership with two companies: Grupo Fleury and Rappi. “Each brand previously submitted a briefing to a creative group of music business for development of customized projects”, explains Leandro. On February 7th, all groups presented their ideas and received feedback.

The live music section included booking agents, labels, record labels, festival programmers and cultural centers, such as the Barbican Center, Montreal Jazzfest, Québec Festival, POP Montréal Festival, Rencontres Trans Musicales Festival, Les Suds à Arles Festival, and Les Escales Festival. The responsible for this last, Jérôme Gaboriau, announced during the closing of BMS that will produce a stage in the next edition of his event, which will take place in July, dedicated to the city of São Paulo. “To compose the lineup, we selected artists who very well represent the city’s music in different styles: Edgar, Céu, Sepultura, Tropkillaz, Tássia Reis, Ceito Preto, and Demônios da Garoa”, he announced firsthand. Andreas Kisser, from Sepultura band, and the singers Céu and Karol Conka gave inspiring and exciting lectures telling the secrets of the development of solid careers in Brazil and abroad.

The event ended with a lecture by Renato Martins, journalist, music researcher and founder of the label/blog Funk na Caixa, which told the story of funk, one of the most impressive musical genres in the world.

First music supervisors of Brazil

Among BMS objectives is also the generation of knowledge for those who want to work in the areas of synchronization and music branding. For this, one of the initiatives was a training workshop for music supervisors. The activities were conducted by the North American Justine Von Winterfeildt, who worked in the animation musical area of Netflix Next Gen, and Samantha Schilling, creative director at Songtradr, a music licensing platform that connects artists to content creators such as filmmakers, TV producers, and brands.

“The United States are today the most advanced country in the world in music supervisor work. Of course there are people responsible for the musical part of audiovisual productions in Brazil, but here, this job is not as structured as there. So, in this workshop, we wanted to show how professionals can boost their performance”, explains Samantha.

To close this activity, within the BMS programming a Music Supervision Forum took place on the 8th, when participants presented the results of the music supervision workshop and discussions were held on how to make the role of the music supervisor essential in national audiovisual productions that have export potential.

The next edition of BMS will happen on February 10 and 11, 2020 in São Paulo, and the program continues on February 12 and 13 in Recife as part of Porto Musical.


The Brasil Music Exchange (BME), a Brazilian music internationalization project carried out through a partnership between Brasil, Música & Artes (BM&A) and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil), promotes the Brasil Music Summit.