Panel highlights the importance of music supervisor

One of the most interesting panels of the Brazilian Music Summit: Sync & Music Branding dealt with the role of the music supervisor, giving many pathways and opening opportunities for Brazilians who want to work in the area. The discussion was moderated by Mário Di Poi from Inputsom Arte Sonora and composed by Geoff Siegel from Fundamental Music, the professional Marthe-Helene Heraud, Caroline Arenas from Audionetwork and Luiz Buff from 1M1 Arte.

Marthe-Helene spoke of the need for the supervisor to have a very broad musical culture, a network of intense relationships, market knowledge and a lot of repertoire. Luiz stressed the need to have everything well organized, “always putting everything on the paper and having everything well negotiated from a legal point of view, in addition to adding the contribution of each one that is part of the composition”, he said.

Carolina and Geoff emphasized the quality of Brazilian music, but the difficulty we have in taking it out of the country. For Carolina, “Brazilian music supervisors need to be educated so that they know that good music is here. Jazz, for example, is surprising. You have to make things happen instead of waiting for opportunities to come”, he said. Geoff added, “the musical talent is here, but it has to get to Los Angeles”.

To conclude the panel, Luiz also talked about the importance of knowing about musical copyrights and how the whole process works. “You need to have access to the research tools to know who owns the rights to each song, as it is very difficult sometimes to know who the owners are”, he said.