BMS second day lectures address brand and music’s DNA

Some of the lectures held on the second day of Brazil Music Summit: Sync & Music Branding, focused on the study of brand and music’s DNA, the influences they represent for each other and how much they are working together. The three speakers who delved into this area and shared experiences that happen in the companies they work with are: Ricardo Rodrigues of Let’s GIG, Yassine Saidi of Puma Global and Evandro Fióti of the Laboratório Fantasma.

For Ricardo, who lectured on “what is acceptable in the relationship between the brand and the artist?”, commented that “the first thing is to strategically plan the artist’s career and mainly try to seek companies that have a greater synergy with brand”. He assured that this positioning is an integral part of the success of the strategy implemented by the band Liniker & The Caramelows.

And Fióti goes further and believes that it is essential that an identification is found between the essence of the company, the artists and the products related to them. This is one of the pillars to which he attributes the success of the Laboratório Fantasma. “We deal with a number of issues and these do not only involve yes or no. We need to know the reason for this response”, he says.

Music in the center

Yassine Saidi, who came to Brazil especially for the event, dealt with the work that Puma does with various artists, presenting the successful partnership they developed with Rihanna. “We do not pay ads in magazines any more, but work with social media, as it is what gives us more reach. We invest in music as it is the most powerful cultural medium in the world and we use social networks to leverage that strategy. These projects are giving a very positive feedback”, he says.

He detailed the trajectory of the relationship between fashion and music and explained that he sees the artists at the center of the strategy of any successful brand today. “Rap artists have re-created and re-edited fashion compared to how it was done”, he said. According to him, this was an irreversible trend that must go further: “I believe that in the future, artists will be ahead of their own brands. This is already happening”.

Fióti, who also has a strong relationship with fashion, presented the case of success of the participation of the Lab brand in São Paulo Fashion Week. Like Yassine, he also believes that this is a time of many opportunities for those who work with music. “The market is favorably changing”, he concludes.