BMS Day 2 Panels Talk about Brand and Music Strategies

Part of the lectures held on the second day of Brazil Music Summit: Sync & Music Branding, focused on the strategies of brands to engage music in this world.

Guilherme Flarys (Gomus Music Branding), Fernanda Paiva (Natura Musical), Juan Paz (Estrella Galicia) and Bruno Santos from Chilli Beans were the four lecturers who delved deeper into this area and shared their experiences.

For Guilherme, the strategy used is based on “understanding customers” sound routine and knowing where they are, to offer products that have to do with them”. The professional also stressed the importance of music in everyone’s life and how much companies should explore on that side, “music changes everything and can bring new meanings and experiences”.

Addressing more about brands that use this influence of music and are great highlights in this segment, Bruno and Fernanda spoke of the success that the respective brands in which they work have in this segment. About Natura Musical, Fernanda explained about the challenges and the work done until the project gains the proportion it has today.

Regarding the work of Chilli Beans, Bruno talked about the partnerships that the brand had with renowned artists/bands such as The Beatles, Rita Lee, Legião Urbana, among others, and how this influenced their project to increase brand reach. Currently, they work with artists like Pabllo Vittar and festivals like Rock In Rio.

In one of the last panels of the day, Juan Paz spoke about the work that Estrella Galicia has been doing to include music and support artists. They have a project called “SON Estrella Galicia”, which publishes several bands/artists around the world, besides holding festivals and having spaces that combine music with the beer brand.