Matuto Moderno showcases at Canadian Music Week


Acclaimed for their unique mixture of rock with traditional Brazilian folk manifestations (catira, pagoda and viola), the band have brought a resurge of interest in both traditional music as well as the instruments used, especially the viola caipira, which has a most distinctive sound.
With 5 albums released, Matuto Moderno have played on many of the principal stages in Brazil and participated in some of the most prestigious events representing regional folk music.

Members Ricardo Vignini and Zé Helder who also form the duo "Moda de Rock" are renowned for their folk versions of rock classics using the viola caipira.
Their last album "Matuto Moderno 5" was recorded completely live in a country house in the mining town of Pedralva, Minas Gerais. The album was dedicated to the co-founder of the band, percussionist Mingo Jacob who died one month before recordings started.

The band hope to include other shows in Toronto as well as around the country.
Matuto Moderno are:
Ricardo Vignini - Viola Caipira
Marcelo Berzotti - Bass and vocals
Zé Helder - Viola Caipira and Vocals
Edson Fontes - Vocals and catira (dance)
André Rass – Percussion

For information on bookings: Ricardo Vignini