*State:: Pernambuco
Track: Qasida
Album: Avante (2013)
Label: Mais Um Discos


Praised by The Guardian as “one of the mavericks of the Brazilian music scene”. Mixing Northeastern Brazilian rhythms, rock ‘n’ roll and romantic Brazilian ‘brega’ music with African influences such as 70s Senegalese guitar music and Congotronics, Siba is a man who joins the dots between his life, his culture and the rest of the world. 

He was a pioneer in the manguebeat revolution of the late 90s that took Chico Science and Siba's own band, Mestre Ambrosio – previously signed to Sony Music Brazil - across the globe; he’s lived the life of a struggling Maracatu poet singing improvised verses long into the night in the harsh Brazilian interior of Zona da mata; he’s redefined contemporary Brazilian roots music with his folk orchestra Siba e a Fuloresta, and now, he turns a new page as a tropical rocker with a collection of songs hailed by Brazilian critics as one of the Brazilian albums of 2013. 

‘Avante’ documents a very personal journey – “Whilst working with (Siba e a) Fuloresta and living in the Brazilian interior I began to feel the need to connect stuff that was in my mind to the outside world. I could not see myself as only a poet there - I had to deal with other things happening in my life” – so he left the interior to travel to the megalopolis of Sao Paulo and begin work on what would become ‘Avante’. 

Marrying his well-crafted lyricality with both new and old influences Avante sees Siba's languorous vocal and sinuous guitar playing intertwine beautifully with tuba, vibraphone and drums for a dynamic album of experimental 'alt-tropical' folk-rock.