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Featured Artist # 01: Black Drawing Chalks

25 July, 2011 | Artists

Black Drawing Chalks debuted in Europe and went back to Brazil with good news and expectations of returning soon.

In this first incursion into the old continent, the band performed only in England, at some clubs and festivals. The garage/stoner rockers landed in the Land of Queen on may 12 and did eight shows in total: two in Brighton, both part of the  The Great Escape Festival, at the venues Gullivers and Ram & Shackle; two in London and the last two were in Liverpool, at the Liverpool Sound City Festival. It’s important to say that both a show at The Great Escape (Brighton) and the Liverpool Sound City were part of the Brasil Music Exchange Project, that created opportunities for brazilian artists to participate in these festivals.

The quartet was formed in 2006 in the city of Goiania, capital of the state of Goias. In this central-western region of Brazil – which is dominated by country music – Black Drawing Chalks became one of the greatest rock references. With lyrics in English, a quick and dirty sound, shows highly danceable and fun – with showers of beer – this hedonistic band has transcended the boundaries of Brazil after hard work and dedication. They have also been two times in Argentina and Canada in 2008.

“Kids are very committed to the band, with lots of power on stage,” says his manager Fabricio Nobre. He said this is a major point for a band to do well. “If they have ten shows in a row, they make the ten very well done. They invest in equipment, meet schedules, dealing with the band as a serious work,” he added.

For this tour in England, it took months of pre-production. Fabricio started working on the project, along with the four band members in October 2010. And all this happened through international contacts dug in previous years.

The result on this tour, says Fabricio, was positive. The big point are the contacts for a possible return to England and other European countries. As the financial part, he reveals he did not obtain any profit. “The first tour is a necessary investment in order to return with a larger structure and better paychecks,” he explains. About the payments in clubs, he tells that it works the same way as in Brazil. Each venue charges a percentage over the number of paying customers. The festivals provides structure like lodging, meals, local transportation, and a fee. But many do not bear the costs of international travel.

Currently, Black Drawing Chalks continues on the road with the busy schedule of concerts in Brazil. On the Internet and on TV, the band displays her new video, “Red Love”, launched in March.

Black Drawing is:

Victor Richards – guitar, vocals

Renato Cunha – guitar and backing vocals

Denis de Castro – bass

Douglas Castro – drums


2007 Big Deal (Monster Records)

2009 Life Is A Big Holiday For Us (Monster Records)

2010 (Live in Goiania) (Monster Records)

Sounds like:

Stoner / garage rock


Black Sabbath, MQN, Motorhead, Nashville Pussy, 70’s rock, stoner rock.


Clip “Love Red” and recording a new album before the end of the year.