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The upcoming Brazilian beat: Tecnobrega

19 February, 2013 | English, Exchange

Maybe it has not yet reached the international charts as it has been conquering the Brazilian popular scene for the past years; maybe it is just too raw for untuned ears. Maybe it’s not. Fact is that a few days ago, a discussion took over Brazilian news… has our beloved Tecnobrega, finally, reached and gained its deserved attention on an international level?

When New York based band The Strokes released their new single last week, “One way trigger“, many Brazilians pointed out the similarities of the track with our well known northern rhythm. Artists went in defense of their creations, fans flooded the social networks with their comments… If it was or not inspired by one of our (many) music styles, it is still unknown. What we do know is that this is a great opportunity for us to introduce to you one of the most popular rhythms of modern Brazil.

Ladies and gentlemen, Tecnobrega:

Based primarily on electronic beats (bye bye bossa nova!), and named (and classified) consciously as a cheesy kind of techno, Tecnobrega has been one of the biggest trends of the past years in Brazil, musically speaking.

Originally from the northern state of Pará – based on a strong soundsystem culture that has been gaining strength in the area for the past decade, Tecnobrega is actually a fusion of traditional (very dramatic) pop northern Brazilian music (based on rhythms such as carimbó, siriá, lundu, calypso) and electronic beats.

For being created and consumed at first in the extreme North of the country, it found its way through the music market mostly independently, gaining fans and admirers before they actually reached the media.

But better than reading about it… is listening to it.

We’ve prepared a list with some iconic bands, symbols of Tecnobrega.

Hope you enjoy!

DJ Cremoso is famous for mashing-up international hits with Tecnobrega beats. Check it out:

And now that you’re a little more into the beat…

Gaby Amarantos

Banda Djavu

Banda Calypso

Gang do Eletro

Banda Uó

Midem, 2013 in Cannes

14 February, 2013 | English, Exchange

“Times they are changing…”

Yes, It is true. Midem is much smaller than it was 5 or 10 years ago. The times of glitz and glamour and the endless parties have waned. However, Midem is not only the oldest event in the music industry – Midem was first held in 1966 – it is still the most important international meeting point of the music industry in the world!

What’s happened in the last years? In the past, Midem wasn’t just the place to do business, it was also a place to celebrate big bucks and also – where musicians’ earnings were burned. Inflated and without vision. But the bubble has burst.

Now, Midem is more local and down-to-earth. People who come to Cannes are really interested in business and are much more focused on making music than in years gone by.

The Brazilian stand, hosted by BM&A, was continuously well-attended and bustling. Many publishers, label representatives, distributors, journalists, artists’ managers and musicians were interested in the Brazilian music scene and the Brazilian market. The cause of the attraction: the long history of musical roots from Brazil, combined with the fast-growing Brazilian economy, the coming Football World Cup and Olympic Games. People have renewed confidence in the Brazilians.

More intense exchange of music and a developing music business between Brazil and the rest of the international market, could offer opportunities for all interested. Never before have we experienced more tailwind. Let’s run with it!

I hope to see you at Midem, 2014 in Cannes at the Brazilian stand. The only essentials are your music and your well-structured business idea. You can be sure to find many who are interested.

By the way: Midem is still a big party. A party with less show and more heart…

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Canadian Music Week 2012

15 March, 2012 | Exchange, portuguese

Celebrating it’s 30th edition, Canadian Music Week 2012 closes the first trimester of conferences and festivals of the official calendar of events focused on the entertainment industry. Known as one of the largest entertainment gatherings in Canada, CMW is, all together, Conference, Music and Comedy Festival. Respected by its world class and expert keynote speakers, CMW attracts delegates from around the world. With seminars, celebrity interviews, mentoring sessions, networking & Canada’s largest new music festival, it is the official meeting ground for those leading and shaping our industries.

“Designed to stimulate the exchange of market intelligence, increase dialogue and provide networking opportunities”, Canadian Music Week serves more than 2,000 national and international delegates. Participants can expect an intense experience during the 5 days of events, counting with more than 900 artists, from over 40 countries. According to the official numbers, during Canadian Music Week around 4500 musicians and 100,000 music fans are drawn to Toronto. This year’s edition will be held from March 21st to 25th, in different spots all over the city.

Indie Awards and Comedy Fest

Closing the week of activities, The Indie Awards features appearances and performances by some of Canada’s – and the world’s – most talented emerging artists fused with the presentation of awards to the past year’s fan favorites.

As part of the entertainment lineup, Slacker Canadian Music Week also showcases an eclectic mix of music-oriented films, special screenings, documentaries and movie premieres along with special appearances and Q&As with some of the film star, directors and more. 2012 will also see the launch of the Canadian International Comedy Fest. Featuring five days of the best stand-up, with performances from some of Canada’s emerging talents and headline artists from around the world.

Spotlight on Latin America

From 22-23, CMW will host the Spotlight on Latin America. With presentations, seminars, business meetings and networking sessions, the event will explore recent developments within the Latin America music industry,  with Brazil highlighted.

David McLoughlin, Manager of the Brasil Music Exchange project, will moderate the Featured Session, on 22nd. Together with him at the event will be many Brazilian and Latin American promoters, music executives and managers, as well as various Brazilian artists who will perform in showcases. There will also be a specula forus on music from Minas Gerais, presented by Musica Minas.

See the full schedule by clicking here:

Keep yourself updated and follow them on Twitter: @cmw2012

WOMEX 2012

01 March, 2012 | Music Market, Opportunities

Womex, one of the main conferences dedicated to artists and other music related professionals, especially those linked to World Music, is now officially open to receive showcase, conference and film proposals for its 2012 edition.  This year’s event is scheduled to take place in Thessaloniki, Greece, from Wednesday 17th to Sunday 21st of October 2012. The 17th edition of WOMEX in Copenhagen, Denmark, in October 2011 saw over 2,250 delegates from nearly 100 countries, 700 exhibitors, a full conference program and a showcase festival presenting 60 acts on 6 stages. Those interested in participating have until April 13 to send in a selection of specific materials, according to the category it is related to.

As the official call explained:

Deadline for all proposals is Friday, 13 April 2012

World Music artists and DJs

Artists: The selected acts will play in front of the largest audience anywhere of international world music concert and festival bookers (around 700 last year), agents, labels, distributors, innumerable journalists.
The Showcase (and Conference) selection is taken on by the WOMEX Jury – the famous 7 Samurai – each year consisting of a brand new panel of international music biz experts. In 2011 WOMEX received over 750 artist proposals for about 35 slots.


Potential conference speakers & mentors

Speakers: In particular, WOMEX is welcoming proposals around the ongoing jazz & world focus at WOMEX, as well as those exploring the local Southeastern European music industry of the new host region.

Mentors: Mentoring Sessions are a regular feature of the WOMEX Conference, offering delegates private 15-minute consultations free of charge with special mentors from various areas of expertise.


Music filmmakers

Filmmakers: WOMEX’s long-time partner for the Film Screenings IMZ, the International Music + Media Centre in Vienna, will jury the film proposals independently. Last year they received around 30 submissions for 13 screening slots.

For a complete list of all the films submitted and the ones presented at WOMEX 11:

The films from the screening selection can also become part of the World Music Films On Tour program, a non-profit distribution project aimed at bringing musical diversity in film and video to a wider public.


Keep yourself updated!

Brazil, Right Now! #04

06 September, 2011 | English, Exchange

Thais Gulin and Chico Buarque
A recent addition to Chico Buarque’s hefty catalogue of songs is “Essa Pequena,” present in his latest album Chico\. His inspiration for the romantic blues song is Thais Gulin, a young Brazilian singer who has just released her second album ôÔÔôôÔôÔ.
Thais is under the spotlight because she´s his girlfriend, but there’s no denying her talent. Recorded in Rio de Janeiro, where she´s living nowadays, the album ôÔÔôôÔôÔ mixes samba and bossa nova with compositions by Tom Zé, Chico Buarque and Zeca Baleiro. Both the album and shows are a critical aand public success.

Selvagens à Procura de Lei
Fortaleza, the capital of Ceará is finally embracing rock and roll. Indie rock band Selvagens à Procura de Lei is changing the musical scene of the north-eastern city that was better known for forró and country music.

Formed by four 20-year olds, they host a regular party in the city’s cultural calendar. Every first Friday of the month they play at Orbita Bar, one of the must-go places in Fortaleza. They released their first album “Aprendendo a Mentir” in September and two songs are already playing in the local radios. Selvagens à Procura de Lei proves that the northeast of Brazil can be very rock! Indeed.

DJ Tudo is the artist of the month

The September´s featured artist is DJ Tudo. The Minas Gerais born and raised in Brasília bassist and producer, Alfredo Bello, is known as DJ Tudo and his specialty is condensing traditional music from Brazil and from around the world into a pop and danceable repertoire. DJ Tudo has a large schedule in Europe and US and you should get to know him by clicking here.

Interview: Holger

17 March, 2011 | Artists

Could you give a brief synopsis of the band’s career?

We started in late 2006, but our first concert was in May 2008. In October of the same year we released our first EP, “Green Valley”. In the beginning our sound was molded in rock because was what we used to listening. After “Green Valley” many things changed, we started to play in festivals, listening different kind of music, playing with so many different bands, making concerts in and outside Brazil. Furthermore we started to hanging out at night and to take contact with the electronic world. From these experiences are the songs in our debut album, “Sunga”, released in September 2010 by Trama. Currently we are promoting “Sunga”.

Are you on international tour? What is the schedule?

We’re on our fourth tour for North America. Today we are gonna play in Louisville (KY) at a house party. Since we arrived were 10 shows in 9 days between Canada and the United States. Within this tour we are taking part in two festivals, SXSW in Austin and the Canadian Music Week in Toronto, which has already happened.

You were praised for Canadian Music Fest. How has been the reception from the public and this experience?

It has been great. We bring a different reading of Indie Rock by being Brazilians. I hate titling our sound as Indie, but I think it’s easier, especially for them (the public). It’s nice to see people following us around here.

How did the opportunity of this international tour? Is it the first time you play outside Brazil?

This tour came from other we have ever done. You need to create a network that is slowly increasing. Brazil has won more space here with bands that are taking risks, good examples are Bonde do Role, Garotas Suecas, CSS, Copacabana Club, Database, Cassim e Barbária. We must expand this network and these bands are very helpful.

For those who still don’t know, how would you describe Holger’s sound? What does influence you?

We’re influenced by anything that makes us rock the body or head. We hear a lot different kind of music, Jorge Ben has been constantly on this tour. But we also heard a lot of electronics, hip hop, axé, digital cumbia, old and new music. Lately we have been constantly compared to Smashing Pumpkins, which makes us happy.

The Sunga album was extremely commented. Could you tell us a little about it?

“Sunga” is our life, for it we left our families, friends, parties, girlfriends, wives. “Sunga” is who we are, it´s a portrait in an album form. We did the songs in 2009, and recorded it in 2010 with producer Roger Paul Mason from New York. Roger is a friend of Brian Mcomber, drummer of the Dirty Projectors, and closely friend of us. He thought that Roger would help us achieve the ideal sound for the new songs.

And what are the next band plans?

Compose new songs. ABSOLUTELY. But we cannot dedicate ourselves fully to this, because we are promoting “Sunga”. As more we play, more we want to compose new songs. We have many ideas that have not been worked out and we eagerly await our next album and touring.