23 April, 2014 | Exchange, Festivais, Music Market

The international fair jazzahead! will happen this week, from 24th to 27th of April in Bremen, Germany. Brasil Music Exchange will be present through International Relations Manager David McLoughlin who will do networking and meetings with business partners in potential for BME associates.

From 25th to 26th the fair will organize matchmaking meetings among business professionals. There will be more than 2.500 participants, only from Germany. From São Paulo, Brazil, we will have one participant: drummer, producer and composer Tuto Ferraz, known for his work with Grooveria Electro-acústica collective since 2001 and who has worked with Seu Jorge, Ed Motta, Toninho Horta, Marcelo D2, among other.

Tuto is on his way to Bremen and stopped by London to do some contacts. He shares a bit of his expectations towards the fair. ” Networking is the first step: to know partners in potential that listen to your workd and get interested. The work of an agent or label here in Europe is fundamental to start a movement, in the media as well”, he explains. “But this does not discard the possibility of a club or festival get interested right away. This has already happened to me back in 2010 with Grooveria when Festival Maré de Agosto has hired us for a concert after seeing us in Posto 9 website, which is an agency in Spain”, he recalls.

Tuto has just released his last record in the end of 2013 called Tuto Ferraz Funky Jazz Machine and is the editor of online magazine MUZK (muzk.com.br). He will take part of two matchmaking meetings, one on Friday and the other on Saturday. To take part of matchmaking meetings you need to be a registered exhibitor or professional participant. More information about the matchmaking meetings here.

Festival jazzahead!
Musical program of the festival opens with a Danish night, followed by a German one, which will show the actual jazz scenario of both regions. Then it will present the Overseas Night, with artists from different countries such Chile, Belgium, France, USA, Italy among others.

Festival will also present readings, theater plays and exhibitions, such as the one of the Danish photographer Jan Persson, who has registered good part of the jazz scene who has performed in his original country in the 60′s and 70′s. More information about the music program of the festival here.

The numbers of jazzahead!’s last edition show a growth in relation to the previous years. In 2013, the fair has gathered together 75 participants from 19 different countries (an increase of 20% in relation to 2012) and has organized 273 meetings (an increase of 26% in relation to 2012). More details about 2013 results here.



04 April, 2014 | Exchange, Music Market

Classical:NEXT will happen from 14th to 17th of May in Vienna, Austria and Brazil will have a strong presence at the event. Besides the participation of the associated companies A Casa Estúdio, Água Forte Produções, Dell’arte and Litoral Produções, the event will have for the first time showcase of a Brazilian artist and Brasil Music Exchange’s participation.

Água Forte Produções has already taken part of the event last year and its director Thiago Cury was responsible for the connection between Classical:NEXT and Brasil Music Exchange, which resulted in the development of the following activities in this edition of the event: the Brazilian companies will have stands in partnership with Brasil Music Exchange, who will also organize meetings where the Brazilian companies will be able to present the classical music scenario in the country to international potential buyers.

“I got to know about Classical:NEXT in 2013 through Thiago Cury, who was convincing some musicians to apply because he believed  the event needed Brazilian presence, he identified room for  renovation with our repertory”, explains guitarist Daniel Murray, who will present a showcase in this edition of the event. “So I decided to apply with the solo showcase “Brazilian contemporary composers”, where I present contemporary Brazilian authors such as José Augusto Mannis (Estudo para MD) and Arthur Kampela (Happy Days II para violão e eletrônica) as well as some of my own compositions (Entremeios, Sobremaneiras de tocar)”, he says.

Daniel has also presented a showcase in the last edition of Midem, in France. “I created a trio together with Emiliano Castro and Gustavo Barbosa Lima (Trio Sopro & Cordas) and we presented a showcase that was mainly authoral of instrumental music”, he remembers. “Since I have always dedicated myself to popular music as much as to contemporary  music, I notice that I am living an extremely grateful moment taking part of these two important international events where I am able to present my work and research in both areas”, he analyses.

“Brazilian music has always created interest outside the country. We have great musicians, composers, singers with international technical level, who are able of  acting in any part of the world. But who need more organization of their own careers,  tecnhical planning and maturity in this aspect”, explains Carlos Eduardo de Oliveira, of Litoral Produções.

“Classical:NEXT is a young fair growing every year. We believe that when such an event is created it is because there is such a demand. Classical music professionals are already looking for more organization,  also to creat a catalog of the people who act in this scene. They look for opportunities in a different way now: visibility is finally created”,  he analyses.


Brazil  will also be present at the conference program. One of them is called  “Panorama Brazil”, which will present a panorama of national classical music market. Participants will be  Carlos Prazeres, Artistic Director of Orquestra Sinfônica da Bahia, Claudio Dauelsberg, Special Project Director of Dell’Arte Soluções Culturais, David McLoughlin, Trade developing manager of Brasil Music Exchange – Brasil Música & Artes and Marcelo Lopes, Executive Director of Orquestra Sinfônica do Estado de São Paulo. The conference will be coordinated by Thiago Cury, Director of Água Forte Produções and creator of Strange Music Festival. On the 16th, from 12 às 12h45 na Conference Room 1.

Another conference about Brazil will be “Catalist Brasil: A Transformative Vision of the Future”. Focus here is to understand how classical music will achieve relevance in the 21rst century, in a way that the country will be recognized by the level of its cultural agenda, by the finance valorization of its activities and for its innovation. Brazilian specialists in classical music will explalin their contributions to the sector and reveal how the country will establish sustainable global connections and how it can contribute to  the development of a new generation of creative leaders. Participations of  Heloisa Fischer, founder of VivaMúsica!, Leandro Carvalho, founder and artistic director of  Orquestra do Estado de Mato Grosso, David Chew, founder and musical director of Musical da Rio Cello. Coordinated by  Cristina Becker, international entrepeneur, curator and Arts Management specialist. On the 16th, from  11 to 11h45, in the Lecture Hall.


SXSW results

04 April, 2014 | Exchange, Festivais, Music Market

2014 SXSW edition had the highest number of Brazilian participants in the history of the event: there were more than 360 people, an increase of 70% in comparison with last year.

The “Casa Brasil”, a project by Apex-Brasil, was open from 9 to 12th March and worked as a meeting point where it was possible to check all national news about music, cinema, games, contemporary art, tecnology and innovation. Brasil Music Exchange team was present with Leandro Ribeiro da Silva, Project Manager and David McLoughlin, International Business Manager. Besides supporting Apex-Brasil in organizing the event, they kept an eye on the innovations and new tendencies of the music industry.

Program was intense at the Casa Brasil: in the audiovisual area, trailers of 28 different film productions were shown there. In the music area, there were also lots of concerts that happened there: rapper Emicida has launched there his new song called “Obrigado, Darcy (o Brasil que vai além)”, a result of a partnership with Apex-Brasil and Sony.

The concert of Boogarins, from Goiânia at Casa Brasil also made a big noise: it came out in different vehicles such as New York times, Folha de S.Paulo, Brooklynvegan and O Globo.


The Brazilian companies that were present – YB, iMusica and Rumori Desenho Sonoro – were selected by Apex-Brasil to have a special credential  (Platinum Connection) and had business meetings due to a matchmaking organized by SXSW organization. Results were excellent, with business perspectives of around USD 1 million for the next 12 months.

“We believe we have achieved success with this project and the participation of Brasil Music Exchange at SXSW – we were able to connect ourselves with subjects and new tendencies of the music industry. We were also able to broaden our networking with important new contacts for Brasil Music Exchange and our associates, feeding the project with new opportunities for future business”, analyses Leandro.

From the 28 companies that were selected by Apex-Brasil, 16 took part of the Start Up Village, an acceleration program where each one had five minutes to sell their business to international investors, specially from the North-American market – the so-called speed datings.

The Brazilian companies Brainongames, Convenia, Chef’s Club, Vortio, Payparking, E-like, Fashion.Me, Mercado Fresh, Getninjas, Emprego Ligado, Love Mondays, Netshow.me, Smartapps, Mobgeek, Sentimonitor and Site Apps took part of this activity.

An article from Meio e Mensagem says that the expectation is to capture US$ 34 millions in investments and close deals of  US$ 3 millions.

“It is hard to close deals in the first time you come to the event. The constant presence helps”, explains producer and TV and cinema director  Leandro HBL in an article of O Estado de S.Paulo.

In the text, HBL said that he has closed two deals in the first three hours of the event: Nike bought a study about Brazilian esthetics, interested in the Olimpics 2016, and Victory magazine bought ten documentaries about sports.


More than 50 articles about Brazil at SXSW have been published in vehicles such as New York Times, Estado de S.Paulo, Folha de S.Paulo, Jornal da Globo, Associated Press, Huffington Post, CBN, Revista Veja, Época Negócios and Globo TV.


Music festivals and fairs in Brazil in 2014

12 March, 2014 | Exchange, Festivais, Music Market

Brasil Music Exchange has put together the most important music festivals and fairs confirmed by now to happen in Brazil in 2014.

From Feira da Música, in Ceará, to Lollapalooza, in São Paulo, these links will help you plan your calendar if you are interested in learning about the business and experiencing the music produced in the country.

Feira da Música

Feira da Música is one of the most important independent music fairs in Brazil. It is open now for applications for projects to be presented during the event. Read more.


Musical instruments, audio tools, lightning and accessories, Expomusic is considered the biggest instrument fair in Latin America. More here.

Porto Musical

Porto Musical has become an established music and technology convention with an international visibility in the calendar of professionals from both sectors. Read more.

Planeta Brasil

Located in the central region of the country, Planeta Brasil’s line up will present international names such as Guns n’ Roses, B-Real (Cypress Hill) and Slightly Stoopid. More here.


This year’s Brazilian edition will present international names such as Muse, Arcade Fire, Nine Inch Nails, Pixies and New Order. Read more.


MIMO was born as “Mostra Internacional de Música em Olinda” and the idea was to turn historical churches in the city of Olinda into musical stages. More here.

Se Rasgum

In its ninth edition, Se Rasgum is considered the biggest festival in the North region of the country. More information here.


Special discount for course about Musical Publishing at Cemec

10 March, 2014 | Exchange, Music Market

BM&A associates have 20% discount to apply to the course “Music Publishing: opportunities and business”,  which will happen from 31rst March to 3rd April from 19h30 to 22h30 at Cemec. The course will be presented by José Carlos Costa Netto, president of BM&A, and Fernando Yazbek, lawyer specialized in copyrights.

The idea of the course is to work as a safe guide to show all forms of activity in this business: its reason of existing, its development, its relevance nowadays, and also practical examples of how to legally open a publishing company, cases of success and opportunities in the national market and abroad and the possibilities of income for all envolved. To apply with discount, get in touch with Celia at email celia@bma.org.br.

More about the course here.


Brazil at SXSW

20 February, 2014 | English, Exchange, Festivais, Music Market

Anyone interested in what is going on in the Brazilian creative industry has a great opportunity in this year’s SXSW.

Casa Brasil (Brazilian House) is the ideal place to go, where you can experience concerts, conferences, films and gastronomy. It is located at Rainey Street, nº 83.

Check out the concerts of new Brazilian music that will happen today at Casa Brasil:

13h00 Rashid
14h00 Boogarins
15h00 Emicida
16h00 Hellbenders

Loud music and free beer!

There is also a Brazil stand at the Trade Show, working as an information hub about everything that is going on about the country in SXSW. In the same place, there is a closed area for meetings of the 12 Brazilian companies that were selected by Apex-Brasil for the business meetings called Platinum Connection with decision-makers from big international companies active in the creative economy. The companies DBAPPZ, Imusica, Rumori and YB are taking part of the action.

Startup Village is a place where you will be able to meet Brazilian enterpreneurs, startups, investors and cretors of new tendencies. This is where the 21 Brazilian startup companies that were chosen by Apex-Brasil are being able to present their business to investors.

You can listen to the Brazilian artists present at SXSW at this playlist here , created by Brasil Music Exchange.

Want to learn more about music in Brazil? You can find professionals of the music industry in Brazil at the BME and Apex-Brasil stand.