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18 February, 2011 | Music Market

The Red Bull Music Academy is a series of music workshops, a platform for those who shape our musical future. Every year, two groups of 30 selected participants – producers, vocalists, DJs, instrumentalists, and allround musical mavericks from all around the globe – come together for two fortnight-long ‘terms’.

At the Academy you will hear lectures both from pioneering mavericks of old and trailblazing sound rebels of the present, followed by late-night recording sessions putting that breadth of knowledge and inspiration into practice in ten custom-made studios. Then there’s the chance to perform in some of the host city’s most iconic clubs and concert halls. And there’s still plenty of time to check gear, chat on tunes, jump on live radio broadcasts, get a glimpse into local musical hybrids, and ask the questions you were always keen on asking, as well… If you ever chat with any past alumni, they often describe the experience as a game changer.

How does a day at the Academy look like?

First-hand revelations are few and far between. But each Academy term sees several, as two guests settle on our infamous lecture couch every day to spill the beans on production topics and music history, and answer all those questions you’ve never found the right moment to ask.

Last year’s edition in London saw the likes of Detroit legend Moodymann speaking the KDJ gospel, and the Billboards’ favourite cityboy Mark Ronson explaining the roots of his modern vintage sound. There were insights into sound from rap enigma Jay Electronica and American minimalist pioneer Steve Reich alike, while Henrik Schwarz and Bugge Wesseltoft broke down their very own approach to jazz and house. Electronic originator Cosey Fanni Tutti gave us a window into her synthesis sources, while German mischief-makers Modeselektor crossed techno and hip hop borderlines in an impromptu live session.

When not getting tips on sound in all its forms, Academy attendees can shoot the breeze over lunch, gather in the radio studio to join live broadcasts, or jam to their heart’s satisfaction in one of the many studios on site. You can expect everyone’s collaborative mind to be wide open, as the studio tutors and guest lecturers look for new perspectives on the creative process too.

Don’t think it ends there though, as the best place to process all this information is out in the city, when the nightlife becomes the final frontier of sound. Whether once-in-a-lifetime concerts or dedicated DJs transform- ing the club: when the Red Bull Music Academy rolls into town, it doesn’t slow down ‘til it’s over.

Who can apply for the Academy?

The Academy is intended for anyone with a strong yen for music and a desire to be involved in its evolution: producers, instrumentalists, MCs, singers, DJs, engineers, broadcasters, laptop lapdancers, guitar guerreros, soulful songwriters – they’ll all be considered.

No particular set of skills is necessary. You don’t need platinum disc experience or crate after crate of rare 45’s. It’s about having a creative vision, an honest attitude and an open approach. Because of Japanese laws, you’ll need to be 20 or over when the Academy workshop starts (i.e. born before October 23, 1991), but there’s no age limit other than that.

No one will forbid you and your entire crew to enter individually. But please do understand that fairness, logistics, and our desire to create open socio-dynamics, do not allow us to invite entire crews.

For details on how to apply, please visit the project’s Official Website.

(Source: Red Bull Music Academy)


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