Brasil Music Summit 2017

Brasil Music Summit discusses live music, sync and music branding in São Paulo

The second edition of the Brasil Music Summit will take place from February 6 to 9, at Unibes Cultural, in São Paulo. The business, networking and knowledge spread platform is promoted by Brasil, Música & Artes (BM&A) and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil) through the Brazilian music export program Brasil Music Exchange (BME).

The event, oriented to music professionals focused on generating business abroad, will count on about forty speakers from Brazil and the international market. Besides the lectures and workshops, representatives of contemporary Brazilian music will showcase at the BMS Festival. Céu, Karol Conka, Luedji Luna, Maria Beraldo, Tássia Reis, Xênia França, and Horoyá are some of the names that are part of the line-up.

The conference is part of a series of efforts that BM&A has created to foster music as part of the Brazilian creative economy, an industry still with great growth potential for income and jobs generation. The curatorship of this second edition is formed by a commission that includes Leandro Ribeiro da Silva, General Director at BMS and Project Manager at BM&A, André Bourgeois, CEO at Urban Jungle, and Mario Di Poi, Executive Director at Inputsom Arte Sonora.

“We realized that we could organize an encounter here in Brazil, but focused on exports. This has been in BM&A DNA for a long time, since we started the Brasil Music Exchange exporting project together with Apex-Brasil in 2003. Besides, there are many talents and music entrepreneurs who still cannot participate in international fairs. So, our idea is to expand these opportunities and with potential buyers looking 100% toward our music, in the most different types of business possibilities”, says Leandro. And completes: “This year we will bring a broad delegation of international guests. In the first edition, in 2017, we already had a large group, but now we have further intensified the profiles, including festival programmers, bookers and labels, for the live music part, and music supervisors for the part of synchronization and music branding. We have also entered into partnerships with brands interested in these markets”.

For André Bourgeois, BMS will play a role of accelerator, to foster connections between the Brazilian music culture and the market abroad. I believe that, every year, this conference will grow and present concrete business results, placing new Brazilian artist on the international map, as well as fostering the entry of our music into the audiovisual market and festivals”, he says.

BMS Festival

The BMS Festival line-up includes twenty-three Brazilian bands and artists presentations, which were selected by a curatorship of professionals from the national and international market. Pete Kelly, Music Supervisor at BT Sport Channel; Geoff Siegel, Music Supervisor at Fundamental Music; Jérôme Gaboriau, Programming Director of Les Escales Festival; André Bourgeois, Programming Director at BMS (live music), Mario di Poi, Programming Director at BMS (sync and music branding), and Leandro Ribeiro da Silva, General Director at BMS and Project Manager at BM&A.

The festival will be open to the end public, who should make a reservation online and arrive one hour in advance of the first show of the day to secure the place.

Check the full programming at the event website:,br/bms.